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5th Annual Poetry Contest!


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PennLake National Writing Project


April is National Poetry Month!

To celebrate, PennLake National Writing Project, housed at Edinboro University, is holding their 5th Annual Poetry Contest. We encourage submissions from all grade levels (please see our guidelines).  Judges from the PennLake National Writing Project will select the winning poem in each grade level category

 Each winner will receive a $30 cash prize and a certificate. 

Submission Guidelines:

1. Contest submissions may be poems of up to thirty lines on any topic. Submissions must be original work written by the student submitting the entry. Submissions are limited to one entry per student. One entry per grade level category will be selected as winning entries: Grades K-1, 2-3, 4-6, 7-9, 10-12

2. Type poem in a Word document. Include poet’s name, grade, school, town, state, the teacher’s name, school address, and e-mail address (either student’s or teacher’s).

3. Name the document file with the poet’s last name and grade. Ex: Smith 4.doc

4. Attach the document to an e-mail with “PennLake Poetry Contest” in the subject line and send to

5. Please submit entries from April 1 – April 24, 2015. Contest deadline is April 24, 2015.

6. Winners and all participants will be notified during the week of May 4th with prizes being mailed out the following week.


                              Attention: School Districts

2014 PennLake NWP Poetry Contest Winners

All winners received a $30 cash prize and a certificate.


Grades 10-12

Poet: Adam Michael Amann

Fort LeBoeuf High School 

Teacher: Mr. Daniel Maynard


A Wonder Forgotten


The frozen chill bites to the bone

Gripping each traveler with unbearable fingers of frost.

Not a hint of warmth can be found in the winter winds

That of which no end can be found.

The trees lie barren and dead

And without their bloom, little beauty it beholds.


But why should its sight be one that brings sorrow?

Is it not a treasure in its own right?

Look not upon the sheets of white as some despicable menace,

But rather as an undisturbed delight of its season.


Think not the winter as an omen of sickness and depression

But rather a period of joyous wonders

Ready to be discovered.




Grades 7-9

Poet: Maria Guseva

McDowell Intermediate High School 

Teacher: Mrs. Wilson


Time Flees

The leaves would sigh and then give in

The road is paved with gold again

Ruby sidewalks, driveways bronze

Bright orange flames across the lawns


The branches frost, they’re leafless, bare

There’s empty silence in the air

Silver snowflakes settle down

Gently cover up the ground


The green is stretching out once more

From gardens to the forest floor

April flowers, rain in May

Warmth is back with no delay


The heat waves bouncing off the street

People want the window seat

Dreams of ocean breezes kind

And shady trees that feel sublime


The leaves would sigh and then give in

The road is paved with gold again

Time goes on, Earth spins around

Teardrops fall without a sound…



Grades 4-6

Poet: Taylor Smith

Cambridge Springs Elementary School

Teacher: Kelly Astor





Little bandits

Always robbing trash cans

Running in the woods from coon dogs





Grades 2-3

Poet: Marshall Taylor

Cambridge Springs Elementary School

Teacher: Mr. Nesbitt



The Shark That Was Dark

The shark that was dark

Was a very picky shark.

He scattered through the city

And scared all of the kiddies..

He told his mom it was a success

And then she said to go get dressed.




                     Great News From PennLake NWP!

 Congratulations Jon Herman!

PennLake NWP Fellow and Titusville Middle School teacher Jon Herman was awarded a $500 North Western Pennsylvania Middle School Association Grant.  The purpose of the grant program is to support learning activities/projects beneficial to middle level students. The grant program supports activities/projects that are not funded by school district budgets.  Congratulations Jon!


Congratulations PennLake Golden Apple Winners!

Mrs. Mary Cathryn Anderson--Northwestern School District

Mrs. Laura Barbarini--Corry Area School District

Read the letters


    Summer 2009 Writing Marathon--Featured Poet

"Cruising on the Shadow"

Six women on deck for NWP
All aboard the Shadow, and one of them is me.
The slap of the waves, a breeze's smooth caress
Being on the water is what I like the best.
The engine it purrs, it's lulling diesel sound
Stirs images inside that we catch and write down.
A circle of friends, new community forged
Come to the Summer Institute, you'll never be bored.

                                       -Stacey Anderton

                                              Penncrest School District